Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 225 Intention ~ Take It In Stride

Day 225 Intention ~ Take It In Stride

Plans change. Things come up. Today was one of those days. The muffler fell off my husband's van, so he needed a ride to work. No problem. Then he informed me of an appointment midday that he had. Threw my work plans into the fire since I go work for friends about 50 miles away on Tuesday's. Then his phone wasn't working, so we spent an hour at the Sprint store. 

In the past, pre-yoga days, I may have freaked out and felt put upon in my selfishness that my day was getting screwed up, but nowadays, I just take it in stride. Sure, there are times I am stressed about things and can't seem to let things go right away. But more times than not anymore, I can take things in stride and realize the world is not going to come to an end & everything will be okay even with a change of plans. 

So, if you find yourself feeling stressed or upset because things haven't progressed in the way you planned or the way you hoped, try to let it be what it is and take it in stride.

Til tomorrow...



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