Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 234 Intention ~ Tune Into The Class

Day 234 Intention ~ Tune Into The Class

When I first started teaching yoga, I would have everything written down for each class and try to teach that to the note. 
If it wasn't exactly right, I would have a minor panic session (in my mind of course) and get a little bit flustered (for the class to see). It's part of being a new teacher and it's okay. But at the time, I hated taking requests or if people had certain injuries or aches and pains, I hoped they would keep them to themselves in case I blanked out on what to do to help them out. 

Then there was the period where I didn't plan anything besides some sun salutations. I would fly by the seat of my pants. Sometimes it worked, but when it didn't work, it was horrible. 

So, nowadays, I always have some sort of idea of what I want to work on, but I am open for suggestions or changes. Part of that is just having more experience and confidence. Today, I had a bunch of back bends and arm balances I wanted to work on in a pretty fast paced powerful mode, but had a woman with a back injury come in, and then a newer student that has difficulty even getting into downward facing dog at this point and the vibe in the room was just more mellow. 

So, I still got in a couple of the moves I wanted to teach, but then did more therapeutic back postures and movements to help out the student with the sore back and some gentle hamstring and hip openers for my newer student. It worked out just as it needed to for today. 

As a teacher, tuning into the class is very important. Sure, it's good to get people to work on poses they don't necessarily like doing in hopes that they will learn to love it (okay, like it), but sometimes their mode is exactly the right one for that day. 

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