Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 236 Intention ~ Go Facebook Free

Day 236 Intention ~ Go Facebook Free

This intention started yesterday evening and it is an intention for the whole weekend. No Facebook all weekend long. More and more lately, I find myself glued to my "smart" phone wasting time on Facebook rather than talking to whomever I am actually with face to face. 

In an effort to break this habit a.k.a. addiction, I am not going to look at Facebook until Monday morning. So far, it's been good. It's almost like a weight off my shoulders. And really, if that's the case, what good is it doing me??? 

There was a recent study stating that people with over a certain amount of "friends" are becoming more depressed. Don't quote me on this, but I think it was from seeing others wonderful status updates of all the fabulous things that they were doing...that you, as the "friend", were not. I don't think that I fall into that category, but I do know that I spend too much time on there when I need to be doing other things like meditating or finding some peace in my mind. 

So, til tomorrow...(I will only post this blog to Twitter today!)



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