Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 33 Intention ~ Stay Motivated

Day 33 Intention ~ Stay motivated.

It is a cold, snowy day in Cleveland. The perfect day to snuggle up to the fire and watch a movie or read a book...and it's the weekend. Well, weekends don't necessarily mean a day off for me anyhow, and with writing assignments looming and "experts" for those articles not getting back to me, I must trudge forward and keep working at least a little bit. 

If you read last Sunday's post, then you know how much I love Sunday! Therefore, best to do this stuff now...the reward will be when I can hit up some friends Superbowl parties tomorrow night and not feel like I should be working. 

On that note, this one is short. No rest for the weary :)

Til tomorrow...



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