Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 51 Intention ~ To Smile at the People I Meet

Day 51 Intention ~ To Smile at the People I Meet Today

Pretty simple and pretty easy to do. My goal today is to just smile and be friendly to those I meet up with today. It could just make someone's day, who knows! It may cause a chain reaction of people smiling and being courteous and friendly to one another. Isn't that a nice way to live! 

In my yoga classes, I try to smile and laugh and put people at ease, so they feel more relaxed and calm and usually more willing to try poses they may not have been willing to try. Today was no different. I have a student who used to practice all the time, but has recently discovered that she has rheumatoid arthritis and things that she used to do, are much more difficult now, if she can even do them. But, she smiles and breathes and does what she can. I applaud her for that, and I am glad that she feels at ease in my class to know that that is okay. 

I even tried this smiling at the BMV today. And guess what, the woman behind the counter helping me, at first, wasn't looking at me, but then she yawned, and I smiled and cracked a joke. From then on out, she was as attentive and friendly as can be. Interesting. 

I am going to keep this going for the rest of the day, and try to do it everyday. We are all connected, so why not give a warm smile to someone who may look like they need it. You may just make their day! 

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