Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 53 Intention ~ Give Myself A Break

Day 53 Intention ~ Give Myself A Break

I am not what you would call a Type A personality...not at all. But, it seems these days, I have become more of a perfectionist and always feel like I should be getting stuff done. And, well, it better be done right. 

In my yoga classes, I am always encouraging my students to accept where they are that day because each time one comes to the mat, it's a different experience, so drop any expectations. Not easy for a type A perfectionist, you can see them huff and puff to get into a position that they aren't necessarily ready to do. Not letting that go may be holding that person back from really getting it. 

Same thing off the mat. I make these lists for myself and huff and puff and stress myself out if they don't get done. Let it go. 
Of course things need to get done, but if quality suffers, what's the point? Just to mark a line through a "to do" list?

So, perhaps I am becoming more Type A, that's okay I guess. But, for this Friday, I am giving myself a break.

Til tomorrow...



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