Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 49 Intention - Embrace Monday

Day 49 Intention - Embrace Monday!

And, boy, was it one...hence, I am just getting this entered on Tuesday evening. My computer was freezing every time I went online yesterday. I tried to blog from my so-called smartphone, but, alas, it would shut down when I started to blog. Ugh. 

Monday battles: 
  • discovered that a rate increase that my credit card pulled on me is actually legal and allowed when I was certain they were breaking the new-ish credit card act that passed a couple years back 
  • the computer freeze started 
  • a friend told me about the vegan bakery at Nature's Bin, so I made a trip (this is not a bad thing), so craving sweet delights, I drove over there between classes in a nearby neighborhood. Some punk kid (yes, I'm waving my cane as I type), chucked some sort of fleshy, I'm assuming rotting, produce at my windshield ~ side note, I am also assuming it was some young kid, which is still leaving a streak
  • no one came to my last class

Ahhhh Monday! But, you've got to just roll with it, right? On the plus side, it's nice to know my credit card isn't screwing me over (well, this time anyhow), I didn't really have to do anything on the computer yesterday, aka no writing assignments due, I got my vegan sweet treats and I do think it's my karma from my teenage years when I will admit, I egged a car or two and luckily I had gone to Julie Kirkpatrick's class last weekend (sister to David Life, co-founder of Jivamukti yoga) who talked about one person showing up for her class, so I've learned to accept low attendance, so long as it isn't permanent! And, I got to go home to my family earlier than expected, so that's always a treat. 

So, there you have it. A day late, but these are the things I was thinking of yesterday, so til...a few moments from now, when I type up today's intention! 



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