Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 54 Intention ~ Don't Over Think It

Day 54 Intention ~ Don't Over Think It

Just do it. Sometimes when I get a little anxious about something, I completely psych myself out and then 1. I completely blow it because I'm nervous or 2. it all goes fine and I was upset over nothing. 

So, this morning, when going to sub for my amazing teacher, I started to psych myself out, thinking that people will be disappointed she wasn't there. I put myself through this every time I sub for her and it's exhausting. So, when that anxiety started to hit me this morning, I stopped, took a breath and had a little chat with myself. Stop thinking about it and go do it. It's 75 minutes of this long life and not worth the stress. I already had a class ready to teach and the reality is, I know what I am doing! 

So, I got to the studio and people were all friendly and everything went great. Once again, stressing for nothing. So, from here on out (hopefully!), don't over think it and just go for it! 

Til tomorrow...



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