Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 35 Intention ~ Stay Strong

Day 35 Intention ~ Stay Strong

These days, we all have several things on our plates. Whether it's working 2 jobs, volunteering, taking care of kids and a household, and all of the other chores and responsibilities that are part of our everyday life. And, just as life goes, sometimes we are just busier than other times. Or, perhaps we're not actually busier, but we just seem to have less energy for all of our activities than we have had on other days. 
Just remember to stay strong, this feeling will pass. But, if for some reason it continues for days or weeks...or even longer, it's time to look at some habits. Are you working out? Are you eating healthy foods? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you taking time for yourself for pleasure? Regardless of how busy you are, if you don't take time to go to a yoga class, the gym or take a walk, meditate, eat right and sleep enough, you will feel run down. You may even make yourself sick. Having some down time to enjoy life with your spouse or see friends or maybe just watch a movie by yourself are so important in helping us feel more balanced and less ragged to work on all of our, 
Life is best lived in a balanced way. It will be much more pleasurable for not only you, but for everyone in your life and those you come in contact with each day. 

Stay strong my friends! 

Til tomorrow...



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