Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 44 Intention ~ Take Things As They Come

Day 44 Intention ~ Take Things As They Come

Just in the nick of's been one of those days. So, hence, today's intention. Many of us have those days where things just don't run smoothly. It is just how it goes sometimes and that was how today was for me too. 

I did try to write this earlier, but my home computer was freezing up. Now I am back to where I am house-sitting and quickly getting this in before we reach day 45! 

Flow with the wind. It's the best thing we can do. Some of those days can get very frustrating, but if we just laugh at it and let things roll off our backs, it will just make your day better rather than worse. Learning to accept what is going on around you can be tough and it's easy to fall into that "why me?!?" attitude, but that just makes you feel like a victim and those around you roll their eyes. Therefore, let's laugh at life and enjoy. 

Happy early (by 1 hour) Valentine's Day! Let's spread lots of love tomorrow...and everyday! 

Til tomorrow...



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