Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 47 Intention ~ Have Some "Me" Time

Day 47 Intention ~ Have Some "Me" Time

Well, sort of...I am watching my friends pets and house while they are out of town. It's been a busy week with writing assignments, yoga classes and trekking back and forth across town taking care of my friend's animals and my family too. This is my last night at my friend's house for the week, which has been fun. I've gottent to hang out with friends that live on this side of town and I've gotten a lot of work done. 

But, tonight, it's snowing outside, the animals are all content and I am just going to do things that I want to do in a relaxed way. It is so important to reconnect with yourself regularly. Me time is different than being by yourself. I am by myself a lot in life, but I am always working on something. Me time, is letting myself relax, read a book (maybe a book not associated with yoga-ha ha ha), watch a movie that I would like, but know my husband wouldn't want to see, meditate, do a little yoga, and just plain relax. Get a good night's sleep and rejuvenate for tomorrow and the rest of the week. 

Happy Saturday night to all, whatever you do. I am going to snuggle in and enjoy.

Til tomorrow...



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