Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 42 Intention ~ Be Still

Day 42 Intention ~ Be Still

When looking back on the last month, things have been very busy, physically & mentally. Finding that calmness even when the winds are blowing wildly around you can be difficult. The breath and meditation always help to ease an uproarious mind and bring one back to steadiness. When we find this balance, it makes those around us also feel more grounded. 
Practicing yoga poses that make us feel grounded can help bring stillness to the body and mind also. They can help to bring balance back to the muladhara "root" chakra. This chakra represents our survival instincts and when it is balanced, it helps us feel grounded and calm. Focusing on the lower body, rooting and stretching the feet and opening the hamstrings or stretching and strengthening the thighs can help us feel more powerful in our base. Forward folds, mountain pose, warrior poses can help us feel strong while seated poses like cobbler's pose, and other seated forward folds or child's pose can help us reconnect to the Earth. 

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