Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 36 Intention ~ Be Okay Asking for Help

Day 36 Intention ~ Be okay asking for help. 

If you've been reading these intentions, you may have noticed a theme of, well, stress in my posts. It is true. As much as I talk about letting go and being strong and letting the universe unfold as it may, I am still susceptible to stress. But today, I sucked up my ego and asked for help. I had been thinking about a deadline that I have for days now, worrying about my experts not coming through. Today I finally broke down and let my editor know that I wouldn't be ready. "We can extend the deadline.", she said. Poof! That stress was a feeling of relief...at least for now. 

It's amazing what people will put themselves through before just asking for some help. Tucking the ego in and asking for help can be hard for a lot of us, who are taught to be strong, get the job done, and on and on. But, asking for help does not make you weak. It makes you human. Next time you feel yourself pushing yourself to the limit and not getting anywhere, just ask for some help. You may find it's the biggest push you can get. 

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