Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 52 Intention ~ Get Organized

Day 52 Intention ~ Get Organized

Yogash Chittah Vritti Nirodah ~ Yoga happens when the mind chatter ceases. 

Well, for me, that means, getting things organized in my physical and mental universe. If things are messy around the house or bills are stacked up (that I've been avoiding), I have a hard time getting anything else done. Not only, do I not get work done, but the tendency is the worse it is, the less likely I am to do it. 

We have a spot on our kitchen counter, right when you walk in the side door, that everything gets piled on...and ignored. It is my least favorite place in the house. This morning, I cleared it out. Ahhhhh, then I came up here and started working. 

Trying to help un-clutter the mind helps even when we just clear up the clutter around us. Making a list and prioritizing how and what order things need to get done. This makes me feel less scattered and then I can sink in, breathe, meditate, practice yoga, and even have some fun. 

Til tomorrow...



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