Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 59 Intention ~ Withdraw the Senses

Day 59 Intention ~ Withdraw the Senses

Withdraw the senses for just a few moments. In yoga it is called pratyahara. When we cover our eyes, plug our ears and nose, and try not to taste or feel, we can go inward. Our mind can clear and allow us to look at that inner self a little bit more. Discover what is going on inside rather than in the material world. 

We are constantly bombarded with outside stimuli. The television, radio, cars driving by, other people, animals, work, computers, email, telephones, eating, drinking, smells and on and on and on; allowing ourselves to remove our senses from these distractions can feel like taking a bath for our mind and our soul. Doing some inner cleansing so that we can personally and spiritually go deeper. 

It is also great for the rest of your day. It makes your material decisions and thoughts more coherent, your behavior calmer and more pleasant and your heart may just feel more open too. 

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