Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 40 Intention ~ To Support People Around Me

Day 40 Intention ~ To Support Those Around Me

I believe that we are all one. We should support each other. Especially those in the yoga community. Isn't that the community we are supposed to be building? The satsang? Don't we want the same things? 

I like to think that yoga, meaning to yoke, to join, a union, that my practice & that my community and how I behave in that community is a supportive environment. One that creates a positive place for us all to discover our inner Selves, practice and find that connection between us. For are we not all one on this universe? Everything we do effects  each other and the universe around us. 

Too much lately I feel like I have seen the opposite. Yoga teachers and studio owners not treating people right because they are trying to keep up with the (yoga) joneses or obsessed with the almighty dollar. Believe me, I understand having to make things work out, trying to make a living, but when you sacrifice your treatment of others to make a buck, I think it's time to reassess why you got into the yoga business to begin with. 

I have always been better at supporting fellow teachers rather than myself because I do think it's a community. I encourage my students to try all sorts of classes and all sorts of teachers because I want them to experience all different types of styles/teachings and really find what will work for them and their practice. So, even when someone is concerned that I only have 5 people in my class, I will still support my yoga community & hope that my intention to teach to all no matter if there are 50 people or 2 people will always hold true. I don't ever want to sell out who I am as a teacher just to make a buck (or two). 

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