Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 60 Intention ~ Take a Walk

Day 60 Intention ~ Take A Walk

March in Cleveland. The beginning of the month starts just as cold and snowy as the rest of winter usually, but for most people, myself included, the winter doldrums have set in. Long passed are those feelings of excitement over the first snow or how pretty everything looks with the holiday lights on the houses outside. The excitement of a new year. Now, I'm dreaming of Spring and a little bit of warmth on my shoulders. 

What tends to go along with the winter doldrums is a feeling a just tiredness, stiffness, and exhaustion. Thanks to my beloved dog, George, he gets me out of the house each day (well, almost everyday) to take him on a walk. George doesn't get the winter doldrums. He loves the snow. And, as I drag my feet putting my boots back on, wrapping my scarf around my neck, getting bundled up for our journey, I let out a sigh and we go. But, as we walk outside in the brisk air, I start to perk up. I feel motivation return and my mind start to clear again. My breath deepens and I feel energized. Doing the complete opposite of how I was feeling inside has given me more energy to conquer the rest of my day! 

Amazing what a little exercise, Mother Nature and a persistent loving Lab can do to one's day.

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