Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 80 Intention ~ Find Santosha

Day 80 Intention ~ Find Santosha

Close your eyes, click your heels 3 times and repeat: "Find santosha, find santosha, find santosha." That is how I feel today. I know it's silly, but this winter has worn me out. Now, the 2nd day of spring and a winter weather advisory is out and it's snowy and just plain cold. Yes, it's Cleveland. Do I expect this? Yes, yes I do. But, for some reason, I'm struggling to find santosha today. 

Santosha is contentment or satisfaction with what you have. It is yoga 101. It is one of the niyamas, also known as a restraint or observance, in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, and I am usually pretty good about it. Usually. But, old man winter weather has got me down today. 

Things to do to bring santosha back you ask? 
Well, the obvious and most costly is to book a quick trip to somewhere warm...Caribbean preferred, but anywhere would do. The smarter, wiser choice is to practice yoga asana and meditate. This is what I will do and what I can afford. 

If you are also struggling to find santosha in your matter what is creating the block, yoga asana and meditation will help. Even if it is a short practice. Remember, meditation is a practice too. Start with a few minutes and build. Eventually the mind chatter will start to dissolve or at least give you a break for a few minutes. 

Til tomorrow...



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