Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 90 Intention ~ Remember With Love

Day 90 Intention ~ Remember With Love

A friend of mine passed on last week. It wasn't someone that I had known for very long or very well, but I still find myself terribly saddened by his passing. He was always someone I was happy to see and loved to get his big bear hug and a smile each time. My husband and I would see him and his lady over the years at several music events and just always had a great time. No drama, just get down and have fun. He had such a kind, loving temperament. 
I cannot imagine what his girlfriend (of 21 years), is going through. 
Although it breaks my heart, I am just trying to remember him laughing, smiling, and gettin' down at just about every show I have gone to since moving back to Cleveland in 2007. 


Til tomorrow...

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