Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 61 Intention ~ Enjoy Community

Day 61 Intention ~ Enjoy Community

In yoga, a group of like-minded individuals is called a satsang. As I scanned across the room in my class this afternoon, I noticed the people. All these beautiful faces, some familiar, some new, all in that space for that 75 minutes for yoga. There were 2 new to me students today that couldn't have been more different from each other, but their smiles resonated the same joy, the same openness, the same light that made them one. Now, I can't begin to know what each of their intentions for class were or what got them to make their way to class today, but they were all there, at the same time, to practice yoga. This is one thing we were all like-minded about, hence creating our own little satsang for that moment in time. It's an amazing thing to share that energy and breath with people that are so open to what you are saying and teaching. 

This evening, I am going out to see some live music. It will be a different sort of satsang I suppose. A group of people in my community, whether I know them or not, that share a love of music, and this band or this style of music. I am hoping to embrace everyone and feel like part of this musical satsang tonight. 

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