Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 74 Intention ~ Listen to Signs from the Universe

Day 74 Intention ~ Listen to signs from the Universe

Okay, this one may sound silly, but it's true. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling really congested and not very good. I had to go teach a class though and ended up practicing with the owner of the studio where I was teaching. I felt a lot better afterwards. In fact, my congestion felt cleared up and all was good!

I went to my second class and as I was pulling out, my check engine light came on and my car barely made it as it sputtered over to my mechanic. I walked to my next class, about a mile from my mechanic's and then another 3 miles home afterwards. 

Luckily, my husband came home in time to drive me to and from my last class. When I got home, all of my congestion came back. 

No car, congestion...stay home the universe called out. So, I found a sub for my afternoon class today which is 20 miles away. I don't feel well, but I am resting. I am listening. 

I often feel guilty if I am not working and just laying around, but how often does that really happen!! So, I give in universe. Thank you for the break. 

Back to my couch & cheesy movie...til tomorrow. 



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