Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 77 Intention ~ Stay Strong & Keep Calm

Day 77 Intention ~ Stay Strong & Keep Calm

Everything seems to happen all at once. Assignments, classes, bills, car trouble, illness, appointments, and on and on. How do you handle it? That is the question. I am trying to stay strong and keep calm through it all. 

Sometimes I stress out for sure. Sometimes I hide from it all...avoidance. And sometimes when I'm feeling a bit more balanced about things, I just keep plugging away. Why freak out?! It seems like it is always all or nothing around here. Usually all or all unless I am on vacation, so just keep on rolling and going. So long as I can remember that there are worse scenarios to be in and that I've actually got it good and that there are always choices in this world, I can just roll with it without stressing out. 

So for now, I am strong and calm. Hopefully tomorrow too :)

Til then...



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