Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 71 Intention ~ Stop Watching the Pot

Day 71 Intention ~ Stop Watching the Pot

You know the old saying, "a watched pot never boils"...well, I keep watching the "pot" and, believe me, it isn't boiling. Whether it's waiting for responses in emails, a check to arrive in the mail, or a sign from above, it's not coming because I am sitting here watching and waiting. 

Trying to let the mind go to other things rather than focusing on the things that I can't get to right at this moment is difficult, but necessary. 

It's also a practice.

Just as in yoga asana, when you are trying to fold a little bit deeper, but your body is tightening up because you're thinking about it too much. As soon as you let go of the idea in your head and focus on the breath, the body starts to open. 

When you want something to happen so badly, you can't stop thinking about it or you start to get impatient about it, the universe will make you wait and breathe and let go. Release, so that it may open up to you. Stop holding on so tightly to those outside things. Let the mind relax, so that it can expand. And then usually, once you let go, that email arrives, or the mailman turns onto your street, or you delve deeper into your inner Self than you ever imagined. 

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