Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 89 Intention ~ Spring Clean

Day 89 Intention ~ Spring Clean

Perhaps a cleanse is in the very least, a buckle down on my eating habits needs to happen. A spring cleaning of sorts. Ever since going vegan (and discovering delicious vegan baked treats) my diet has fallen into a no man's land of sugary "good"ness. Ugh. Sluggishness, laziness and just a general gross feeling have joined in the fun. 

So, today, my intention is to get back on the healthy food really, this intention will spread much longer than today. It's been good so far with kale and other fruits, veggies and whole grains in my meals today. Crossing fingers, I can stick to it and break my newly formed habits. 

Spring is a great time to reassess your habits, food and exercise related. With the weather breaking, people come out of the wood work and get more active. There is a "lighter" energy about town and our diets should follow. Moving away from the heavy chilis, soups, stews, potatoes, fatty foods and meals that comforted us in the cold winter months and allowing fruits and fresh salads to move in to keep us light and energized. 

Our yoga practices even can take on a lighter tone. While in winter, we tend to find grounding and comfort through many seated forward folds, more yin and restorative poses and perhaps a slower pace in class, spring and summer is a time to float and move a little bit faster. Jumping, flipping, twisting, balancing and back bends are great poses to help us spring clean the body and allow us to greet the world with a great big smile. 

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