Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 84 Intention ~ Get Playful

Day 84 Intention ~ Get Playful

It may have dumped more snow here in Cleveland last night, but this time, it's not getting me down in the dumps. It's making me playful. As my dog and I ran around outside in the snow, I found myself laughing and he was having a blast as he always does in the snow. 

Being a little playful helps to keep us young. Laughter is known to relieve stress, which helps not only to make life a little bit more positive (or at least our attitude), but stress reduction can keep us healthy. 

Laughter yoga, also known as Hasya Yoga, is just what it sounds like. People make themselves laugh, which may start out forced, but quickly turns into real laughter and a fun situation. Created by Dr. Madan Kataria from Mumbai, India in 1995, it is a combination of pranayama (yogic breathing) and laughter. To learn more about Laughter Yoga, check out

So, keep having fun & keep on laughing! 

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