Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 82 Intention ~ Lead with Love

Day 82 Intention ~ Lead with Love

It's free. It's easy. And why the heck not?!?! Being present with an open heart not only makes those around you feel good, but you will feel good too. 

It's a choice. How do you want to face the world? I was in the post office this morning and a man was upset that he may have to come back to pick up his parcel because it wasn't there. He began to lose his temper and raise his voice to the woman working behind the counter. Meanwhile, the line is getting longer and longer while he continues to let the world revolve around him. 

I just kept thinking to myself that if he was just a little nicer about it, she may have been a little more open to helping him work it out. My husband is very good at this. He will talk to folks at the airlines when flights get screwed up and just soothe them into making things work for him (and us, so that's advantageous for me too!) Sometimes we do get put in frustrating positions, but exploding may temporarily make you feel good, it will most likely make the person you're exploding on feel bad and people around the situation will most likely just feel uncomfortable or not want to be around that energy. Once you settle down, you may feel badly for being a jerk and losing your cool. 

Entering that situation in a different way...with love, all those involved will most likely feel good when the situation is over and there won't be any need for guilty feelings later. Besides, it's just plain easier to lead with an open heart. 

The more you give, the more you will receive. 

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