Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 70 Intention ~ Stay Cool Under Pressure

Day 70 Intention ~ Stay Cool Under Pressure

Working a deadline and trying to get everything else together for classes in the evening can make me start to feel the pressure some days. Today, I refuse to let it effect me. 

My goal is to keep it cool. Keep breathing and know that it'll all come together if I just keep plugging away. This way of reacting to pressure is much nicer on not only my psyche, but on those around me. Stressing out about things you can't control is not worth it. So just breathe through it and let the cards unfold as they may. Have faith that things will fall into place however the universe means for them to fall. 

This isn't always easy & I know that if you've been reading these entries all year, you know that I can blow my top and stress out, but I am learning. Keep the faith. It's much better for you physically too. When we are stressed out our body tightens up (for me it's the shoulders), we may lose some sleep and then it can become emotional and reactionary. 
Try to keep breathing, get exercise, meditate, sleep, eat healthy and we'll all be okay. 

Til tomorrow...



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