Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 123 Intention ~ Love What I Do

Day 123 Intention ~ Love What I Do (again!)

I get to teach yoga, almost everyday. It is a really rewarding job emotionally for me. I am lucky. In my life, I have had jobs that I have enjoyed, but not felt fulfilled or jobs that I haven't enjoyed so much and was definitely not fulfilled, but now, I love my job. Yes, it's a hustle. Yes, it's hard work (whether you believe that or not.) Yes, I struggle financially sometimes to do it...okay, more than sometimes. :) But, I feel "richer" than I ever have in my life and that is worth it.

I have a student that usually goes to yin classes or to my yin + slow flow and restoratives class. This morning, she ventured into my Ashtanga class! Now, I am not a strict strict Ashtanga teacher and we aren't doing a full primary series in that class. It is a shorter hour long class that I pretty much follow the shorter versions that David Swenson offers up in his Ashtanga book. I think that it is a great base for learning vinyasa flow and the basic poses in a way that is accessible in order to build your practice. 

She came in and took the challenge! It was her first full vinyasa class and she did great. I am never sure how people will transition, but as she described afterwards, "It seemed to flow like water." Perfect. She loved it and I am excited to have been the one to start her on her vinyasa journey. 

These are the days that I am particularly reminded how much I love what I do. 

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