Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 128 Intention ~ Make Yoga Accessible

Day 128 Intention ~ Make Yoga Accessible

I often say that I believe there is a yoga class out there for every single person and I believe that. Today, I am teaching mini classes at a juvenile detention center wellness fair. These workers are overstressed and from what I saw, generally out of shape. Although I tried to convince them to try yoga on a mat, most were uncomfortable with that idea, so I held a chair yoga class with them. We started with some simple pranayama and I wonder if it's the first time any of them have witnessed their breath (at least in quite a long time). It felt good to help them open up a little bit and realize that even stretching on a chair would feel good. 

Next, to my seniors class. These folks have to move very slowly and have many issues, bad knees, hip replacements, and just general years of not doing anything. We move in a slow, gentle way and allow them to feel themselves opening back up. Some work from a mat, others from a chair, but they all feel good afterwards.

Tonight is my younger bunch. My vinyasa flow folks, who like to feel "worked out" from class. 

I feel blessed to be able to bring yoga to all sorts of people and age groups. I cannot stress enough, that if you went to a class and didn't feel like it was right for you, check out another one with a different teacher or a different style. There is a class for you out there, you just have to keep looking. Once you find it, it will change your life! 

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