Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 150 Intention ~ Be Brave

Day 150 Intention ~ Be Brave

So, be brave has been my mantra ever since I found out that 15 teenagers were coming to my class today. Now, don't get me wrong, I think I do an okay job as aunt to my 10 nieces & nephews, but 15 stranger teenagers is a different story. Teaching them yoga adds an even bigger challenge. 

Will I be able to hold their attention for 1.25 hours? Will they be giggly and looking at their phones? Do they even care about yoga??

This morning I was remarkably calm as I headed over to the class. I just figured, I'll teach my regular class & they can do what they can...sure, I'll explain a little bit more. Perhaps I'll be a little more coddling than I normally would be, but with my regular students coming, I am going to teach what I would teach if there were 2 people or 25. 

Well, it went okay. I think that some of the girls were interested, others...not so much. Even after I made a point of telling them to put their phones away, I did see one girl checking it. I do think that yoga was harder physically than they thought it would be, although I didn't think I was being particularly hard on them. I guess, in the end, I hope that some of them try it again. Who knows....

My biggest thing I learned about myself today was that I am braver than I thought. In the past, I would've been so nervous that my voice would have been shaky or my mind distracted, but didn't have any of that today. Which for me, is a HUGE step forward. 

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