Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 149 Intention ~ One Thing At A Time

Day 149 Intention ~ One Thing At A Time

Just like everybody else, I try to do too many things at once sometimes...okay, a lot of the time. The reality is, that just doesn't work well for me. Sure, doing the laundry while sitting up here on the computer works, but trying to write a blog, load pictures, plan classes, and update my resume doesn't work quite so well no matter how hard I try! 

Ever have one of those days when everything you touch stops working properly? That is what is happening with me today, which again, leads me to think that I should listen to my intention for today even more. 

If my pictures won't load and I find myself getting frustrated in the process...let it go for now. Once this "to do" list is smaller, my ability to figure out what is going wrong will be more clear...hopefully.

When I quit my day job, I figured I would stop trying to multi-task so much. I would be able to give my full attention to whatever task was at hand. At first, I am sure that I did that, but now as time has gone on, I am sure that I don't do that.

So, take a step back. Try to only do one thing at a time and really give it your full attention. It will probably turn out better. You may feel more involved and connected to it and find that you get more out of it. 

Til tomorrow...



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