Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 140 Intention ~ Think Before You Speak

Day 140 Intention ~ Think Before You Speak

One of the great things about yoga practice for me is that I have become much less reactionary. The breath work, the calmness, just living in a more connected way has helped me pause before just blurting out whatever is on my mind. 

Lots of times we say things we don't mean in a self-defense reactionary impulse. Often we hurt those we are speaking to when we really don't even mean what we are saying. When we take a moment to pause before making a statement (for a long or a short period of time), we can react calmly saying things in a clear manner that isn't hurtful. 

Today, my goal is to remember that pause. Think before I speak and be sure to not blurt out things that I don't mean...especially if it is something hurtful. 

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