Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 151 Intention ~ Stop Comparing

Day 151 Intention ~ Stop Comparing

In the yoga classes that I teach, I often tell my students, especially if they are newer to the practice, to stop comparing themselves to others in the class. It gets you nowhere & we are all going to be in a different spot. Period. 
It just causes undue stress, insecurity, feelings of unworthiness, and on and on when we put ourselves through that type of comparison. 

Luckily, as far as my practice goes, I am accepting of where my practice is each time and I am thankful for it. Sure, there are times when I wish my left hip wasn't so much tighter than my right or that I could just float up into some amazing arm balance that I don't quite have...yet, but in general, I am okay with how my practiced has developed. I am the turtle of the yoga asana. It takes time & I am very very patient. 

Where I find myself making comparisons is in my teaching. If I go to a class, I often think about the wonderful things the teacher is saying and sequencing that we are doing, and I start to think that I am a horrible teacher! It's nuts. We all have something to offer & frankly, I am not a horrible teacher. But yet, I put myself through this almost every single time. Why??? It frustrates me to no end and in reality, I know it does me no good to do this to myself. 

The reality is, there is something to be learned from each & every teacher and yoga class out there. I encourage my students to check out other teachers, classes and yoga styles, but then downplay my own abilities to teach. 

NO MORE!!! I am so grateful for all my teachers, past, present & future (btw, this includes my students too-I learn something every time from them also).  

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