Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 124 Intention ~ Be Gracious

Day 124 Intention ~ Be Gracious

This will be short and sweet. We are going to my in-laws this weekend. We always have a good time, but there is always the before trip anxiety. This time is no different. Sometimes the communication exchanges I hear upset me because I want everyone to be happy and I especially do not want my husband to be upset or stressed.

Family get-togethers are a wonderful crazy thing that can be great or can put unnecessary pressure on someone. I am just hoping to be a gracious guest and that we can all operate on a level of maturity, acceptance, understanding and love because it can only be people who care about each other that would let themselves get so emotional and crazy over each other and their opinions, thoughts, and actions. 

To family! 

And til tomorrow...



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