Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 127 Intention ~ Take a Quiet Moment

Day 127 Intention ~ Take a Quiet Moment

...for yourself. We all can get so wrapped up in doing the 3000 things on our "to do" list, that we forget to take a few moments to ourselves. Turn off, okay, maybe just step away from, the phone, turn off the radio, computer, television and any other outside distractions and just sit for a few moments. 
It's unbelievable how just this small action can help one feel rejuvenated and a bit fresher. Ready to tackle the next things on the list. 

Sit and listen to the birds or close your eyes and use your sense of smell. Maybe there is coffee brewing or you can smell the lilacs that are in bloom. 

Just breathing is another great refresher. Try to clear the mind and take a small meditation. Focus on your ajna chakra, or third eye, as you breathe in and out. The mind will start to clear and you will actually feel like you got a short rest when you are through. 

If we allow ourselves some moments to ourselves, especially when we spend much of our day taking care of tasks generally for others, we will find that we are calmer, have a clearer mind and even more energy. 

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