Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 142 Intention ~ Take My Own Advice

Day 142 Intention ~ Take My Own Advice

I am constantly going on about practice, practice, practice...and meditation and being present and so on and so on. As I wallow in my little funk I've been in, although, I have accepted it for what it is, I simultaneously kind of stopped my practice. 

Hmmm. Connection? No practice = tamasic funk? 

Seems likely. 

Sure, I still drink my green drinks and eat vegan. I pretend in my mind that because I demo a couple of poses during class, that I am practicing my asana practice. (I know my meditation & breathing practice has fallen to the wayside- at least I don't lie to myself about that!) 

But, no wonder I haven't been feeling my normal chipper self!

So, today, and the rest of my days ahead, I will follow my own advice to those around me and practice, practice, practice. 

Til tomorrow...



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