Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 138 Intention ~ Try Something New

Day 138 Intention ~ Try Something New

A couple days ago, my husband's horoscope said to go on an adventure. Try something new or go someplace you've never been. There are many ways to interpret this, but he wants to try a restaurant that he's never been to before. 
We were set to go on this adventure Thursday evening after my class. He dropped me off, he would pick me up afterwards and off we would go. 

By the time my class was over, he had lost his steam. So, being the 40 somethings that we are, we decided to reschedule for tonight. 

Although, the horoscope is really for him, we both are going someplace new. It's exciting to find some new and different stimulus and to check out places around town. Get a feel for other local places, meet new people and have some fun where we live...together. 

People get so bogged down in their daily lives that they sometimes need to reconnect. 

I am looking forward to trying something new & maybe even after all these years, discovering something new about my husband. 

Til tomorrow...



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