Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 152 Intention ~ Look Around & Smile

Day 152 Intention ~ Look Around & Smile

Yesterday I was driving home from class and realized that I had a grin across my face as I drove in this crazy traffic that was happening. It was that moment of realization that struck is a wonderful amazing thing, no matter what is going on. Sure, sometimes things don't go as we would wish and are tough or sometimes we're just plain bored, but sometimes that is okay. It all moves in cycles and we need those times to appreciate the blissful times. 

Last weekend I spent so much time driving, from Cleveland to Rochester to Toronto, back to Rochester and then back to Cleveland, all with so much activity inbetween (which was fabulous), but it was also exhausting. 

Today, after my class, I chilled at home, made vegan cookie dough and watched "Dexter" with my husband, dog, George & cat, Stella. At first I felt guilty, wishing it would start raining, so that I didn't feel like a lazy good for nothing. But then I realized that there was nothing else I'd rather do than have a lazy afternoon with my family...relaxing. Bring that smile back to my face. 

Lo and behold, as soon as I came up here to write this blog up, the downpour came outside. Hopefully it cools it down, so that actually baking the cookies won't create a sauna in my house! 

Til tomorrow...just look around and is so full of richness & wonderment. Enjoy.



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