Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 167 Intention ~ Give My Dad A Little Love

(In Portland, Maine summer 2011)

Day 167 Intention ~ Give My Dad A Little Love

Happy Father's Day to all of the dad's out there. Just like many little girls, yep, I think that mine is the best. Even as an adult I think so. Just one of those genuine, hard-working, honest, laid back guys that did (and does) what he needs for his family and lives how he feels it is right. My dad is that guy who always mowed the older people in the neighborhood's lawn or shoveled their driveway in the snow. Even now at almost 84, he tends the lawn at his church. 
He worked 2 jobs when my brothers and I were growing up to make ends meet. He was a fireman for 40 years and on the side, he installed electric garage doors. He always grows a beautiful garden and just plain knows how to do stuff. 

As a kid, it seemed like he was always at work, but when he was around, he was always working outside or taking care of things around the house for us. 

As an adult, I love to talk to him about football and baseball, gardening, and whatever's on his mind. We joke around a lot. We laugh a lot. Even today, when I talked to him, we mostly laughed and talked about our upcoming trip to Virginia with my whole family. 

This fall it'll be 3 years since he had a quintuple bypass, but he is doing great and I am so blessed and lucky to still have him around. 

Happy Father's Day to my dad, thank you for everything. 

I love you. 

Til tomorrow...



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