Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 180 Intention ~ Put Myself In Another's Shoes

Day 180 Intention ~ Put Myself In Another's Shoes

Today marks the 16th class that I have taught since Monday. Exhausting to say the least. When I get to this point, the energy level starts to drop and rarely, but it can happen, I lose patience. 

As I dragged myself to class today, a new student was waiting for me at the door. She had many questions for me as I was trying to get her and myself set up with waivers, sign-in sheets, the pass book, and on and on. I could feel myself tensing up as I just needed about 2 minutes to get it together. And, luckily, realizing what was happening, I caught myself. I pulled the grumpy out of me and visualized myself in her shoes. I became empathetic to her concerns and needs rather than self-absorbed and childishly curt because I didn't get my pre-class "zen" time. It was her fault that I was running a few minutes behind my usual routine or that I had stayed up too late last night. 

The times that I have done this in the past throughout life, I always feel badly about it and beat myself up, feeling like a complete jerk. So, I am glad that I could stop it before I spoke today & saved any hurt feelings and possibly gained a new student from the situation.

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