Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 153 Intention ~ Rock the Park

Day 153 Intention ~ Rock the Park

In a yoga sort of way! Happy Sunday folks. This morning kicked off Cleveland's summer of Yoga Rocks the Park in Lincoln Park in my old neighborhood Tremont. 

Sometimes it's hard to get me motivated to leave the house, especially on a Sunday morning, but my fabulous teacher, Marni Task, was teaching this kick-off class & I really wanted to go. So, I motivated. 

So glad I did! Nothing compares to sunshine, birds singing, like-minded yogis practicing together with my amazing teacher and her kirtan band, The Enchanted Hearts, playing in the background. 

The connection to nature and Earth with the practice is just so much more potent when we can practice outside. It allows the awareness to expand to the bigger picture and feel so much more than when in a controlled studio environment (which, don't get me wrong, I love too.)

Ahhh, so much fun! Look for outdoor classes in your neighborhood, or just go to your backyard and experience this connection to the Earth for yourself.

Til tomorrow...



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