Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 156 Intention ~ Change My Perspective

Day 156 Intention ~ Change My Perspective

Yesterday a strange mood hit me. I was reading into things people were saying to me or how they were looking at me or reading emails perhaps not with the intent they were written. Why? Because I was being mopey & grumpy, so surely (in my head) the world was against me. 

Now, as a good yogini, I realize that this was ridiculous and I was acting very non-yogically, but I couldn't stop it. As I told myself to calm down and stop reading negativity into things, the more it seemed to happen. 

Luckily for all (self included), I went to bed early. The old saying, "tomorrow's a new day", became particularly important for me as my head hit the pillow. And you know what, it's true. Today is a new day, and my mind is up to me. I consciously have decided to not be so defensive or wallow in whatever b.s. I have going on in my head and enjoy the matter what comes.

I may even flip myself over into some inversions to make sure I stick with it! 

Til tomorrow...



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