Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 178 Intention ~ Relax In The Midst Of It All

Day 178 Intention ~ Relax in the midst of it all...

Today is a busy busy day for me, but with a break between the (yikes!) five classes that I am teaching today, I have found a chance to get back into teaching mode and not tired burned out mode. It's great to find little chances to take even a 5 minute break at times and allow your mind to let go of all the daily grind and concern that tends to make us wrinkle our faces, drink more coffee and stress out. 

Try this exercise next time you need a little break:

Sit in a comfortable seated position. It can be crossed legged or sitting on your heels. You can also use a blanket or block to get a little lift so that you don't dump down into your lower back. *This can even be done at your desk if getting away is not an option. 

Close your eyes. Relax your shoulders. Still sit up nice and tall. Rest your dominant hand in your less dominant hand and place them in your lap with your thumbs gently touching. 

Start to breathe in and out through the nose. Just the natural breath at first, just letting the body feel ease on the inhale and letting outside thoughts or stress flow out with the exhale. 

Start a mantra. Inhale, say to yourself, "relax" or "let". Exhale, say to yourself, "relax" or "go". If you have a mantra that puts you at ease besides relax or let go, feel free to use it. 

Once you feel more calm. Come back to the rest of your day. 

Til tomorrow...



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