Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 165 Intention ~ Start a Summer Learning Series

Day 165 Intention ~ Start a Summer Learning Series

I have been thinking about my 500 hour training so much lately, but can't afford it. I have this desire and hunger to delve deeper into my yoga knowledge and practice that it feels almost uncontrollable. In lieu of my finances, I have decided to start a summer learning series...with myself! This is the perfect time of year to start this as classes tend to slow down while people are vacationing and/or enjoying other outdoor activities. 

To do this, I am going to go through several of my yoga books with a fine toothed comb & advance my knowledge. Starting with anatomy books, and moving into the more philosophical. If I study for at least one hour a day, I feel as if I will quench some of this thirst. This will also make my own practice and my teaching better.

Meanwhile, I will save my money and perhaps get to start my 500 hour training sometime next year. I hope so! 

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