Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 179 Intention ~ Listen To My Own Advice

Day 179 Intention ~ Listen To My Own Advice

So, one of the things I tell newer yoga teachers when they ask me about teaching is don't judge a student and how they are feeling by the look on their face. 

When we are asking people to twist and bend and move their bodies in all sorts of directions, people make some pretty funny faces. Whenever I used to see a student who was new to my class making strange faces or looking at me during class or sighing heavily, I would decide that they just hated me, hated my class and couldn't wait to get the heck out of there. 

More than once, actually several times, these folks would be the ones who came up to me after class and tell me how much they liked it or be very thankful for teaching them. 

Yet, flash to this morning. Granted, I have taught a lot of classes so far this week at this point (13 actually with 4 more to go) and this was a last minute addition, making the week's total 18! (BTW, this will NOT be happening anytime soon again.)  So, that being said, I was already a little loopy and tired and possibly misreading people because of my own weariness. But, one woman kept looking at me and doing the deep sigh and I felt like she was just hating the class, upset that I was there subbing and again, couldn't wait to get the heck out of there. Now, in this case, she did not come up to me afterwards and thank me or any of that stuff, but I can't believe I started building this scenario in my head. It then changes how I am teaching and effects the class. 

Why??? Why did I not listen to my own advice??? 

Anyhow, later I realized I was being silly. Not every teacher is for every student. And not every stare is a glare. Not every sigh is disgust. 

Now, to move on and continue with this crazy week...

Til tomorrow...



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