Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 171 Intention ~ Accept My Practice

Day 171 Intention ~ Accept My Practice

A.k.a., lose the ego. I just went to a class with a teacher that I have never gone to before for a demo class at one of the studios where I teach. As we moved through the poses, I felt super tight and my quads just felt tired. 

I noticed that as I was struggling, my mind started to wander and I started to get frustrated with my own practice. I would draw back into the breath and find a little recovery from my own mind. 

Then, just as soon as I found a little santosha,  I tried to enter bird of paradise (which I love!) and suddenly the burrito I ate for lunch earlier decided that my core was not ready to contract and lift, I fell back into that land of frustration again. 

What is going on?? Why is my ego taking over today in class?? Do I not constantly remind my students to be accepting of your practice that day??!! 

As I once again noticed my thought patterns and brought myself back into the breath, I finally felt a little bit of calm. I felt a little bit of peace within my own mind. I found a little bit of yoga. 

Til tomorrow...



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