Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Intentions

Happy New Year! 

As with each new year that passes, many new & grand resolutions will be made that tend to get thrown by the wayside as soon as the daily post holiday grind hits. Maybe they were too big, too grand...we all do it. Sure, this year I have a few grand "resolutions" that I would like to conquer over the course of 2013, but more importantly, I want to try to  set daily smaller intentions to keep me focused and present. 

Of course, one of my more grand resolutions is to post a blog each day right here regarding my small intention of that particular day. Now, finding time to write can be a struggle on a daily basis, so I am really seeing this as more of a habit change than a resolution (although I suppose most resolutions are habit changes.) You all will find out soon enough if this grand "resolution" loses steam or not. 

Some other larger resolutions this year are to actually practice yoga asana, pranayama & meditation every day of this year, to change my diet to a vegan diet...I am allowing myself a few weeks to make the conversion, only because I am going on vacation in a few days and am not sure if there will be vegan options where I am going, BUT if there are (beyond only salad), I will try to stick to it on vacation also. 

Setting a small intention each day is a great way to help keep focus on what is important. It can make us more present and conscious...today. I think that will allow for a little more appreciation of whatever is going on that day-good, bad, happy, sad, or non-eventful. I invite you to join me in this practice and perhaps start a new good habit to help you become more aware. Keep it simple. Maybe it is as simple as taking 10 deep breaths in and out before reacting if someone upsets you. Maybe it's to meditate each day, starting with 10 minutes and increasing once this behavior becomes part of your daily life. Maybe it's to smile at the first person you see each day. Your intention is yours & no intention is too small. Each intention is important. 

My intention for today is to greet the new year by practicing yoga asana, pranayama & meditation with an open mind and heart. 

So far, so good...



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