Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 21 Intention ~ To Always Keep Trying

Day 21 Intention ~ To Always Keep Trying

I am a yoga teacher, but my practice is still just that, a practice. I struggle in arm balances. I have fear going up into handstand. But, I will always keep trying. I can feel myself get stronger the more I try, whether I get up into the pose or not. There was a time when I would just go into child's pose when this situation came up or I would watch all of those around me that seem to effortlessly float up. 

In my classes, I am often telling students to enjoy the journey, the end pose is not what is important. It's how you get there, physically, emotionally and mentally. Learn through the movements. Listen to your body. 

I have gotten hung up on my wishing I could get to these poses, but as soon as I let that go, I started lifting that second leg a little higher, I could feel my core engage or my thighs scissor towards one another. Just keep trying.

When we come into these difficult situations on our mat, discover your reaction to them. Try to calm it down rather than stress out about getting up into the pose. This training of the mind can also help when we experience difficulties in our daily life off the mat. It will help to keep us calm and hopefully whomever we are dealing with calm and solutions may come rather than strife. Breathing, being accepting, and enjoying the journey are all wonderful parts of this life. Enjoy.

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