Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 27 Intention ~ Embrace All That Comes My Way

Day 27 Intention ~ Embrace all that comes my way.

Sunday. I love Sundays. Even though I usually have work to do, I don't usually teach any classes. Today I subbed a short 45 minute class. It was fun. It actually got me to motivate a little more than usual on a Sunday (the 45 minutes of spinning before the 45 minutes of yoga didn't hurt either). I came home walked the dog, connected with friends on Facebook, relaxed on the couch and watched a dvd, snuggled with my dog and laughed with my husband. Now, I am going to work on my writing assignments a bit, then make dinner and call my parents. It could sound too busy for a Sunday, but it's all been in a nice relaxed effort (well, except the spinning). 

Today has offered all sorts of enjoyable moments already with more to come. The reality of it is that with my work schedule, most days could be led this way. Just enjoyable & relaxed, embracing each moment in this great life. There is something about that Sunday feeling though that gives it a special feeling. So, my intention not only for today, but for all days is to embrace each moment, enjoy it, soak it in and I imagine my heart will be filled with joy and to join me?

Til tomorrow...



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