Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 25 Intention ~ Find Ease and Breath

Day 25 Intention ~ Find Ease & Breath

Maybe it should be find ease and breathe, both work. My African proverb calendar for today offers up a Kenyan proverb that reads, "The bird which flaps its wings too much will drop its feathers." Bringing this to my Westernized world, I read it two ways. The first as flapping one's mouth or talking too much or perhaps talking about others or even just plain complaining about things. Well, it happens. Not gonna lie, I already talked a little sh*t today, so maybe my feathers are going to drop. I hope not. But, I won't do it anymore :)

The other way I interrupt this is to just calm down. Period. Let the mind relax and just become focused and present. Lose the mind chatter. It's #2 in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras: "Yogash chitta vritti nirodhah" happens when the mind-stuff (or chatter) ceases. This will let the other things in life fall into place. Breath work is a great way to calm the mind and find focus. Practicing meditation is another wonderful way to find this focus, or concentration that eventually will lead to real meditation where there are no thoughts and one can enter samadhi, also known as bliss. 

For today, as the snow continues to fall in Cleveland, leaving road conditions less than ideal, I am going to try to use the calm and the breath to allow me to take it easy on my drive to Berea (@ 45 minutes away) and focus on the road and getting there and back safely. Deep breaths...deep breaths....

Til tomorrow.



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